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Thoroughly enjoyable tour to some of the fine restaurants Melbourne has to offer with the alpaca croquette my highlight.

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Exciting tour with restaurants hidden down side streets. Great food with some history . Highly recommend – Alpaca croquette was tasty but highlight was the Anchoa at Movida 

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Chefs were all very accommodating for my vegan dietary requirements! I even got a specially made dish at Movida which wasn’t on the menu

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We decided to have a taste of Melbourne and we are so happy we did! Marty our guide was amazing. She knew so much about the history of Melbourne and also the best places for Peruvian, tapas, Thai and gelato! Our day was perfect! Also enjoyed all the beverage pairing she told us to try! …

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Bucket List Tour was a great way to spend a Monday with some girlfriends for a day out in the city. Our tour guide Martina was friendly and full of enthusiasm as she took us on an express tour off the main drag, through arcades, historic landmarks and quirky laneways that we had never explored …

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This Tour was fabulous!! I so enjoyed the various fascinating areas of the city I had not known existed and I live in Melbourne!! Food was delicious and there was plenty of it, especially liked the soft shell crab wrap and homemade mayonnaise which complemented the crab to perfection at Lucy Liu, and the food …

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Martina was a wonderful knowledgeable guide who was excited to share her beautiful city. We learnt so much and had some delicious tastes along the way. Best way to start your visit to Melbourne  /  TripAdvisor 

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